Owner Operator Jobs


  • Owner Operator Jobs Fuel Program to keep cost at or below $1 per gallon
  • Dedicated Dispatch System
  • Load Optimization Software
  • 2 pay scales to choose from (Sliding/Flat)
  • Fleet Options (Dedicated, National, Regional, Home Weekly)
  • High % of Pre-loaded Freight
  • Stability. Crete Carrier is a Debt Free Company
  • Industry low turnover below 40%
  • No forced dispatch to NYC
  • Tractor Purchase Program
  • Respect. We at Atlanta Truck Driving Jobs appreciate the difficult job our specialized drivers perform daily.


  • Enjoy Health, Dental, Life, Vision, Disability Insurance
  • IRA Contribution For All Owner Operator Jobs
  • Paid Orientation
  • Rider Policy
  • Vacation Pay
  • TWIC Reimbursement
  • 24 Hour Road Service
  • Layover Compensation
  • Load & Unload Pay
  • Parts, Tires, Fuel, Repair Discounts

atlanta trucking jobsOwner Operator Jobs allow the truck driver the most potential for income because they take their capital, assume risk, but also have the most reward for all of their hard work. With Crete Carrier, you have a partner that truly appreciates the owner operator jobs spirit. As a company, the owner operator model was how we started out and is still a vital part of our company. You, as the owner operator, are an entrepreneur in the truest of senses.

With any of our owner operator jobs, regardless of type, you have a true partner in Crete Carrier that will be there for you. While all of the benefits listed above stick out, 3 in particular are important to you, the truck driver owner:

1. An unbeatable fuel surcharge payments system. Crete Carrier will be there for you to make sure that you always have the ability to keep on driving.

2. IRA contributions. While you, as an truck driving owner, want to make sure and take of today, you must also plan for tomorrow. Crete Carrier helps you with this by having one of the top owner operator jobs IRA Contributions program in the industry.

3. Health Insurance. We have plenty of choices for you and your family to pick from, so that you can have peace of mind that you will be taken care of with quality healthcare when it’s truly needed.

With these 3 benefits, plus all of the positives of being part of the owner operator jobs program at Crete Carrier, it is easy to see why being a entrepreneur is a smart choice in the trucking industry. If you are interested in pursuing this particular career route, give us a call at 770-203-0110 or fill out the brief contact form on the website today.




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